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Welcome to the new OPEN curriculum access!

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We are happy to welcome teachers and hopefully students to this new learning management site for OPEN.  Teachers will be able to access OPEN's curriculum, and connect and discuss with teachers and students throughout the world wide OPEN network through this site.

Available courses

DIY sensor kit course for IoT directions

This course contains the indoor class experiments which most closely replicate the outdoor plots research.  Using pots to first consider plot structures (terraced, diked etc) and then to examine the topsoil questions focusing on water percolation, contamination of aquifers and ways to address them.

This course is the location for ongoing conversations between various groups associated with the Sustainable Agriculture Projects associated with OPEN.

This Teacher Guide and classroom curricula lessons are intended as an introduction to our Sustainable Agriculture Project-Based Learning (PBL) STEM program series.   It is set up in two sections, one especially written to prepare students that have little or no farm or garden experience, or much life science background for our PBL school garden plot  global research experiment and the second with the directions for plot preparation and the ongoing stages of this project.   

Each lesson may take one to three class sessions depending on teacher class time and activities selected to be the focus for each lesson. Lessons 1-3 are the introductory indoor classroom lessons which teachers may choose skip  or use them as for review  basic botany and biogeochemical cycles with students.  Lesson 4 begins the outdoor field instructions with directions for  preparation of plots and planting, cultivation, student record-keeping and ultimately harvesting and measuring the yield. This data collection  is the start of your students’ citizen science research experiments.


This course provides the OPEN curriculum to go with the hydroponic units and sensors OPEN provides.  

Teachers will locate teacher guidelines, unit plan, lessons and suggested pacing guide for this unit of study.

The current curriculum is designed to meet the science standards for upper elementary students (grade 5 in the USA, about age 10/11) covering application for the Plant/Botany topics, nutrient cycling and differences between agriculture and ecology.  Lessons will also provide deeper understanding of the role of soil in both ecology/agriculture and nutrient cycling.

An introductory course in cybersecurity.

This course focuses on the use of CO2 monitors for measuring pollution and volcano emissions

This course provides an introduction to the use of ESRI-GIS mapping with a focus on its application to  emergency services and public health emergencies.

OPEN's music program focuses on the integration of music and how it expresses culture.  This program hosts an international music festival with schools from around the world participating via zoom connections.